Colorful Nature

2800$ per person

1st July – 15th July
(3 – 7 yrs)

Camp focus

This family camp in Ningbo is designed to easily access the World of Waldorf through experience. We recommend this on our WWC Level Scale as (one star) for children, and (one star) for parents.

The children get along and playfully experience the rituals, the rhythm, and the routines of Waldorf naturally by imitating. They have the teachers and their parents as rolemodels. However, for the parents, it will be not only experiencing but also learning new methods to take home to enrich their family lives and parenting approach.

Skill Levels
Learning Skills0%
Physical Skills0%
Creative Skills0%
Communication Skills0%
Self Skills0%
Level of Skill Development

Waldorf and Challenge Beginners

Skill Levels

As we foster children through our Waldorf educational approach to develop holistically, we’d like to give you the following guidance for further observing your child, nurture it with the competencies and skills so that it can grow and develop.

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  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Dress Code
    Nature Weather proof clothing
  • Included
    Camp fire
    Outdoor activities
    Outdoor Cooking
    Wilderness Exploration
  • Not Included
    City Sightseeing
    Factory Visit
    Lake tours
    Mountain Exploration
    Museum visits
    River Excursion
    River Exploration
    Waldorf School Visit
Day 01
We gather from far and near from all over the world at the Rudolf Steiner School in Bochum, Germany like every summer. Participants come from all parts of the world; from France, Spain,England, Germany, Russia, China and Croatia among other destinations. We are prepared to accomplish a lot. We come together to overcome the challenges of cultures, climate, and of communication.
Day 02
We gather at the RSS for spending one whole day getting used to the new comrades, the many languages involved (main languages of the camp will be English, German, and Chinese), and the equipment, we take along on our journey (water-proof boxes, tools, kitchen utilities, vehicles, tents, canoes).
Day 03
The next morning, once we are all gathered for breakfast and morning circle, we will pack our expedition material on our river journey vehicles, which will bring us on our first leg to a wild camping site in Luxembourg (around 300 km or 3-4 hours ride), which in natures is between the RSS Bochum site and the Loire river wilderness campsites to get step-by-step used to this travel style, where we exercise again the packing, unpacking, set-up of tents and other necessary learnings.
Day 04
Waking up through guitar music and singing, we breakfast and have morning cicle, the routine, we will enjoy for the rest of the camp. We arrive on our River Journey starting point in France at the upper part of the river Loire. We have managed our 3-4 hours ride from Luxembourg to Digion, France. Here, the Loire is a calm stream of beautiful crystal clear water. 6 adults will already earlier depart with most of the equipment on cars with trailers (22 canoes) from RSS Bochum, to set-up our 1st Base Camp at the Loire.
Day 05
Being refreshed, we know that the day begins, since guitar and singing wakes us in our tents in the new day. We start the day with breakfast and morning circle, in which we face the whole camp in a circle. Not only reciting a poem and singing a morning song brings us together but we see  immediately, who is energetic, or who is still sleepy, or having a hard day (maybe missing home and the «normal routine» from home?).
Day 06
Getting up after our morning wake up singing round, we split into different task teams to make our next moves as the whole camp community. We have a brief morning circle, a majesticbreakfast and make our base camp disappear. When we packed our boats with everything, our personal belongings, sleeping bags, water-proofed boxes, the tents, the kitchen, and all tools, wespread out to collect every little item of showing, that we were here. All little tiny litter and rubbish will disappear and when we boat our canoes, our camp site looks as we never have been here, even the toilet will be under the soil covered by nature. No footprint will tell, what we have experienced here.
Day 07
Being woken up with music, breakfasting, and coming together in the morning circle, we learn of the new day and the new challenges ahead of us. The packing and «disappearing» or our campsite becomes a routine. We set out on the river and the training of today is about the art of finding a suitable camp site in the nature, with its complex requirements for safety, convenience, beauty and practicability. We learn to read the signs of nature and landscape formations. We might find our new camp site location around the picturesque village of Saint-Agnan.Starting refreshed into the day, we all know the routines, we all know our tasks and smoothly we get ready by breakfast, morning circle and rotating the groups for learning in-depths from theriver scouts.
Day 08
Starting refreshed into the day, we all know the routines, we all know our tasks and smoothly we get ready by breakfast, morning circle and rotating the groups for learning in-depths from theriver scouts.
Day 09
Good morning, Loire! Good morning camp! Breakfast, morning circle, packing - as our morning routines will get easier and easier. We look at the river, we know how to «read» the river’s characteristics, its shallow and its depths.
Day 10
Good morning Sunshine! Rise and Shine! Breakfast, morning circle, packing - as our morning routines goes smoothly - so easier by now! Can you see the river’s characteristics, its parts of shallowness and depths? There can be unexpected challenges within the river itself. Every years, the river bed differs. For ten thousands of years by now. The rock layers, the sediments, you can see it all at the cliffs and banks.
Day 11
This is a special day. Some call it rest-day, others experience this day as the climax of the camp. We have accomplished already quite a bit on our journey, some is still unknown and ahead of us. Some wake up early, some sleep in a bit longer, we have a casual brunch-like breakfast and stroll around the many things to explore. We prepare a rally, a whole-day-game series, which - in groups - have to accomplish very different demanding though delighting (and tough) tasks.
Day 12
We are full of energy again. We need it. Today a calm river but a long journey lies ahead of us. After routinely packing up the camp equipment, and the canoes, we set out, slowly but steadily to cover a longer distance than the days before. However, we are well prepared and the challenge is no challenge any more. We experience that the river supports us in flowing down with it, our canoe buddy and oneself has become a performing, well organized team, having found our rhythm, steady and accomplishing pace smoothly.
Our Ningbo site is a comfortable and beautiful location. It serves to introduce children, parents, families to our very practical international Waldorf education.
Due to the intensive experience, the wilderness exploration, nature, and specific characteristics of World Waldorf Children’s Camp (art and craft activities every day) parents should be prepared that children might dirty their clothes, feet and hands during the day. Counsellors are always involved into these activities and safeguard that children stay healthy and experience the joy that nature and community brings to them. Cellphones are collected by the counselors on the first day and handed out back to the children on the last day. Photos, videos and documentation will be accomplished by professionals, not from the participants, during the camp.