Great Wall Exploration (Youth)

1700$ per person

1st July – 19th July,
22nd July – 2nd August 2019
Age: 13 to 18 years

Camp focus

This international junior camp, our most established format in China, we focus on building social and intercultural communication-, and life-skills. Challenged through team dynamics in a beautiful environment with manyfold cultural and nature-connected activities (from theatre performance, via hiking & camping, to rally organization), adolescents learn reflecting on their (inner) self, their personality, and on their self in a group (we).

Join us, if you want to benefit from learning the Waldorf approach in a rich international environment.

Skill Levels
Learning Skills0%
Physical Skills0%
Creative Skills0%
Communication Skills0%
Self Skills0%
Level of Skill Development

Higher Intensity on both Waldorf implementation and challenging learnings

Skill Levels

As we foster children through our Waldorf educational approach to develop holistically, we’d like to give you the following guidance for further observing your child, nurture it with the competencies and skills so that it can grow and develop.

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12 Days
13+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Dress Code
    Weather proof clothing, sturdy footwear
  • Included
    Camp fire
    Mountain Exploration
    Outdoor activities
    Outdoor Cooking
    Wilderness Exploration
  • Not Included
    City Sightseeing
    Factory Visit
    Lake tours
    Museum visits
    River Excursion
    River Exploration
    Waldorf School Visit
Over the years, we equipped the site with a vast variety of outdoor activities. Rock climbing, camping ground, tree-top-pacour, archery training ground, and areas in the forest and in the mountains exist to enjoy any kind of outdoor and team activity. Yue’s Mountain Garden is surrounded 270 degree by the Ancient Great Wall of China. Our international participants love its atmosphere.
Due to the intensive experience, the wilderness exploration, nature, and specific characteristics of World Waldorf Children’s Camp (art and craft activities every day) parents should be prepared that children might dirty their clothes, feet and hands during the day. Counsellors are always involved into these activities and safeguard that children stay healthy and experience the joy that nature and community brings to them. Cellphones are collected by the counselors on the first day and handed out back to the children on the last day. Photos, videos and documentation will be accomplished by professionals, not from the participants, during the camp.