Fly High

2450$ per person

Age: 16 – 46 years (sport enthusiasts)

Camp Dates


Fly High #1 // 31st March – 6th April 2019
Fly High #2 // 1st – 7th May 2019
Fly High #3 // 26th – 31st August 2019
Fly High #4 // 16th – 22nd Sept. 2019
Fly High #5 // 1st – 7th October 2019
Fly High #6 // 21st – 27th October 2019

Fly High #1 // 6th – 12th April 2020
Fly High #2 // 4th to 10th May 2020
Fly High #3 // 24th – 30th August 2020
Fly High #4 // 19th – 25th October 2020

Camp focus

Do you want to fly, free as a bird? This journey makes you fly, if tandem, or with your (international valid) pilot license freely yourself, or acquiring accomplishing your basic pilot certificate in Austrias oldest flight school, «Fly Carinthia».

We are profound connoisseurs of Carinthia, Austria, the South side of the Alps, a paradise for flight enthusiasts. We often organize trips there. The South side of the Alps has most sunny (flying) days per year, differente to the more rough North side of the Alps. That’s why we favor this region, close to Slovenia (Lubyanka), Italy (Venice), and the central massive of the Austrian Alps (Großglockner).

A paragliding tour is definitely the most spectacular way to visit Austria. We visit some of the most interesting flying areas in Carinthia, accompanied by an experienced guide and flying instructor – Gerhard Fischer, Daniel Jia and their local team of instructors.

Gerhard’s knowledge of the microclimate is unsurpassed and he ensures the most beautiful flights in the entire area. From expert (who wishes XC flights) – to the not so experienced aviator and the very beginner, who wants to experience first, if this sport is suiting him- we will tailor-made and meet everybody’s personal requirement. Entire hours of flight are possible on site.

The tour is organized from groups of 5 to 20 pilots, and those, who want to become pilots. Accompanying non-flying-adults, family and children are welcomed and on request, we can provide a full vacation program to you, too! Our tour includes bed & breakfast at a mountain lodge accommodations, lunch-boxes, typical Austrian dinner at our hotel «Bergheimat». all shuttles (including pick-up and drop-off to airport), bus to starting places, logistics and flight attendance, weather advice and travel guidance. Translation German, English, Chinese (Mandarin).

If you fly without license, we include 6 tandem flights, or a 5-day training for the basic pilot certification of the Austrian Paragliding Association (acknowledged also by the German Association).

Skill Levels
Learning Skills0%
Physical Skills0%
Creative Skills0%
Communication Skills0%
Self Skills0%
Level of Skill Development

Higher Intensity on both Waldorf implementation and challenging learnings

Skill Levels

As we foster children through our Waldorf educational approach to develop holistically, we’d like to give you the following guidance for further observing your child, nurture it with the competencies and skills so that it can grow and develop.

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7 Days
16+ Age
  • Dress Code
    flight sport / outdoor cloth, flight protection gear, etc.
  • Included
    City Sightseeing
    Lake tours
    Mountain Exploration
    Outdoor activities
    Wilderness Exploration
  • Not Included
    Camp fire
    Factory Visit
    Museum visits
    Outdoor Cooking
    River Excursion
    River Exploration
    Waldorf School Visit

Camp Location

We will live in a traditional Austrian mountain lodge accommodation in Treffling/Seeboden at the Millstätter Lake, it’s name is: Gasthof Pension «Bergheimat» (3-stars).

If you wish, we can also upgrade your stay in a luxurious accommodation (4-5 stars), and we will pick you up from there every day before flying.

Klagenfurt, Spittal, Seeboden, Millstädter See, Obervellach, Dobrinth, these are just a few of the many places we visit and where we will fly. You will get to know unique areas and experience the wonderful land of Carinthia in the most spectacular way.