At International Waldorf Camps, children not only get to know a new country, they also encounter a new culture, mentality, and experience the genuine Waldorf environment most closely when making new friendships with local students, which then enhances their social skills in community life.

Additionally, we also organize outdoor adventures with juniors that involve use of local resources, which shows children how enjoyable and valuable nature is. For example, conquering the upper part of the river Loire by canoeing 100km down the river through beautiful nature; experiencing the Pacific Northwest Coast and unique Native American culture through an adventurous hiking trip in both the Mount Rainier and Olympic National Parks. 

These are adventures, where the tools “nature” and “group” make an adolescent stronger and skilfully more capable, while at the same time being challenged with age-appropriate learning and skills. It’s a challenge to develop a young human being and is a journey towards self-reflection, self-awareness and discovering one’s true potential.

Austria, Carinthia (South Alps)

Fly High

Age: 16 - 46 years (sport enthusiasts)
7 Days
Kindergarten, Germany
31st July - 12th August 2019 Age: 3 - 9 years…
13 Days
Europe, France
1st August - 8th August 2019 Age: 4 to 18 years…
8 Days
Europe, France
08th August - 25th August 2019 Age: 12 to 18 years
18 Days
Europe, Germany
3rd August - 16th August 2019 Age: 10 to 15 years
14 Days
Europe, Germany
2nd July - 15th July 2019 Age: 9 to 12 years
14 Days
Europe, France
19th July - 31st July 2019 Age: 10 to 16 years
13 Days
United States, Seattle
1st July - 15th July 2019 Age: 11 - 16 years
15 Days