In Waldorf Family Camps, we share with you the picture of child development and family life that Waldorf education offers, which helps you to raise your child in a developmentally appropriate and harmonious way. You will experience arts and crafts, nature exploration, games, music and stories together with your children on a daily basis. We encourage you to try out what you have learned from our experienced teachers and to integrate it into your daily life.

During family camp, we keep a daily schedule and anticipate transitions from one activity to the next, because children are strengthened through a predictable and rhythmic routine. Through repetition children develop useful habits. The child’s behavior reflects the child’s whole environment. We link behaviors to situations and make the situations support the behavioral expectations.

Leading Thoughts Regarding Behavior and Healthy Learning Methods:

1. Children are strengthened through a predictable, rhythmic routine.

2. Children from birth to seven learn only through imitation.

3. The child’s behavior reflects the child’s whole environment.

4. Children’s work is hands-on movement and play; a child’s play is a child’s work.

Ningbo, China
1st July - 15th July (3 - 7 yrs)
7 Days